Bitcoin For Non-Profits: How Accepting This New Currency Can Help You Better Fulfill Your Mission

These days, non-profit organizations face nearly as much competition as small businesses. Consequently, it’s important that they consistently look for ways to set themselves apart in order to gain (and keep) the attention of potential donors. One way to do that is to think about expanding giving options for potential donors, and accepting Bitcoin payments is a great start to doing so. If you’re not yet sure how Bitcoin can benefit your non-profit, keep reading to find out how this currency can help you build a better organization.

Appeal To More PeopleIf you’re new to accepting Bitcoin donations, you may be surprised to find out how popular this new currency has become in recent years. Chances are that there are many more people who use Bitcoin than you may think. Consequently, accepting Bitcoin donations in your non-profit may allow your organization to appeal to an entirely new segment of the population. Those who only want to deal with those establishments who accept Bitcoin may now be willing to donate to your organization once you are able to make deals in their preferred form of currency.

Remain TransparentIn dealing with non-profit organizations, many donors want to know that your staff operates with complete integrity. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to discern whether or not an organization is telling the truth about the amount of donations they receive and exactly what they do with the money. Bitcoin makes the trust-building process much easier by allowing those who donate to your organization to see how much you receive in Bitcoin donations and verify the transactions you initiate with that money.

Give More To The CauseIn case you haven’t heard, Bitcoin has done a lot to lower transaction fees for both businesses and non-profits alike. While processing credit and debit cards usually means paying as much as five percent per transaction in fees, processing with Bitcoin usually only costs a fraction of that. Consequently, you’ll be able to spend more of your organization’s money on the missions that really matter.

If your non-profit organization isn’t accepting Bitcoin, you could be missing out on a lot of donations. When you consider stepping into the realm of this new currency, you can open a whole new world of possibility – and visibility – for the cause you care so much about.

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