blockchain insurance summit

About Event

With a practical focus, the event features panel discussions and roundtables to optimise shared learning, with emphasis on developing action plans to take back to the office.

The 2-day programme has been structured to explore the internal steps required to drive forwards blockchain implementation, as well as investigate latest developments in external forces shaping the pace of change.

Advance your adoption plan and engage your business:

• Identify opportunities and build an organisational blockchain strategy for the next 1-3 years
• Review different approaches to building collaboration and determine which approach is best for you
• Share stories of what has been achieved in the insurance sector to date through live demonstrations of use cases
 Examine the necessary but difficult business structure and cultural changes required to build momentum in blockchain
 Explore the next steps for scalability in the insurance sector

Keep apace with external influencing factors in blockchain advancement:

 Explore the latest in European regulation to support the development of blockchain technology across FinTech
 Get under the skin of data governance challenges and potential solutions to create a common industry framework
 Get the latest technology developments and meet potential new partners to help progress your thinking and projects
 Shared learning with start-ups building insurance platforms and how developer insights can help the traditional insurance industry

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