Has Vera John Made a Smart Decision in Allowing for Bitcoin On Their iGaming Website?

Bitcoin has earned a rather unfair stigma from many igaming options as well as potential users. They are afraid of its fluctuating prices- and for good reason. Bitcoin is trading at about $800 right now, but late last year it peaked at $1,200 and early 2-014 the prices were closer to about $100. So what is going on here? Why is bitcoin so lambasted?The fear is that these price changes will only get worse until the coin either flatlines where it is useless or bloats in price so high it becomes completely inaccessible. Either of these are possible, but bitcoin has become a bit more stable. This has led igaming community Vera John to allow bitcoin play in their casinos.

This is a groundbreaking move for players looking to utilize their saved up coins. It is also a big step forward for bitcoin enthusiasts who want to see more acclaimed web platforms allowing for the famous currency. Bitcoin-exclusive casinos have been extremely popular. The interesting new thing with Vera John is that the company did not develop an exclusive area for bitcoin players nor did they create custom games from scratch. They used what was already there to allow bitcoin players to play alongside cash players on all the same tables.

It is a risky move, but potentially a huge gamechanger for the growing igaming option. The bitcoins are placed into the system where they are generated into euros directly. It seems Vera John is happy with bitcoins, which is a possible testament to their value in the near future.